DH-ROBOTICS RGI Series, chwytak obrotowy 360 stopni o skoku 14 mm

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    Art.: RGI-100-14

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    RGI Series
    Rotary Electric Gripper

    Products Description
    RGI Series

    RGI series is the first fully self-developed infinite rotating gripper with a compact and precise structure on the market. It is widely applied in medical automation industry to grip and rotate the test tubes as well as other industries like electronics and New energy industry.

    Gripping & Infinite Rotation
    The unique structural design in the industry can realize the simultaneous griping and infinite rotation on one electric gripper, and solve the winding problem in non-standard design and rotation.

    Compact | Double Servo System
    Dual servo systems are creatively integrated in a 50 × 50 mm machine body, which is compact in design and can be adapted to many industrial scenes.

    High Repeat Accuracy
    The repeatability accuracy of rotation reaches ±0.02 degree, and the repeatability accuracy of position reaches ±0.02 mm. Through precise force control and position control, the RGI gripper can more stably complete the grasping and rotating tasks.
    More Features
    • Integrated design
    • Adjustable parameters
    • Fingertips can be replaced
    • Smart feedback
    • Low temperature operation
    • IP40
    • CE certification
    • FCC certification
    • RoHS certification

    Opening and closing of test tube
    The RGI-35-14 was applied to complete the task of opening and closing the test tube in the medical automation module.

    Features: unlimited rotating lid opening and closing, stable grasping, precise positioning

    Tighten the toothbrush
    The RGI-35-14 was applied to tighten and assembly the head of toothbrush.

    Features: Rotating and gripping function, Precise position control

    Lock the end of the bulb
    The RGI-35-30 was applied to lock and assembly the end of bulb.

    Features: Rotating and gripping function, Precise position control

    Specyfikacja produktu

    Type of Robot Arm Gripper
    Centric Electric Gripper
    Gripping Force (per jaw)
    30~100 N
    14 mm
    Recommended Workpiece Weight
    1.5 kg
    Opening/Closing Time
    0.8/0.8 s
    Communication Types
    Sustained Torque
    0.5 nm
    Static Torque
    1.5 nm
    Rotary Range
    Infinite Rotating
    Rotational Speed (deg/s)
    1080 °/s
    Repeat Accuracy (swiveling)(±)
    0.02 °
    Repeat Accuracy (position)(±)
    0.02 mm
    Maks. temperatura otoczenia pracy
    40 °C
    Min. temperatura otoczenia pracy
    0 °C
    Maksymalna wilgotność podczas pracy
    85 %
    Gwarancja na produkt
    Okres gwarancji (miesiące)
    24 miesięcy (miesiące)
    Kryteria weryfikacji gwarancji
    Numer seryjny
    Dodatkowe Informacje o Gwarancji
    Warranty period starting from the date of sale to the End User
    Informacje Logistyczne
    Głębokość Opakowania (mm)
    265 mm
    Szerokość Opakowania (mm)
    220 mm
    Wysokość Opakowania (mm)
    110 mm
    Waga brutto opakowania (kg)
    1.8 kg
    Ilość sztuk w opakowaniu
    Waga brutto opakowania zbiorczego (kg)
    1.8 kg
    Ilość sztuk w kartonie zbiorczym
    Waga netto opakowania (kg)
    1.3 kg
    Rodzaj opakowania


    DH-ROBOTICS RGI Series, chwytak obrotowy 360 stopni o skoku 14 mm
    12 999 PLN
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