GAUSIUM Collaborative Robot Vacuum 40, compact design, soft and hard floor types

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    Vacuum 40
    Your Robotic Vacuuming Expert
    Your Robotic Vacuuming Expert
    Vacuum 40 is a commercial vacuum robot. Compactly designed and applicable to both soft and hard floor types, Vacuum 40 is an ideal solution for hotels with narrow corridor aisles and carpet-tile flooring. With side brushes and an add-on mop, the automated floor cleaner can achieve simultaneous vacuuming and sweeping on carpets, as well as simultaneous sweeping and dry mopping on hard floors. Supported by 3D cameras, it is able to identify floor types and switch to the suitable cleaning mode autonomously.
    Office Buildings
    Retail & Shopping Centers
    Transportation Hubs
    Key Features
    3-in-1 Cleaning
    • Vacuuming, Sweeping, Dust mopping
    Multi-purpose Diffuser Kit
    • Optional diffuser kit for purifying & humidifying or aroma diffusion
    • Working perfectly on varying flooring types, be it a hard surface, a low pile carpet or a high pile carpet
    Zero Distance from Edge
    • Able to clean along the edges zero-distance-close with side brushes and high-precision sensors
    24 KPA Powerful Suction
    • Super strong suction performance, effortlessly picking up fine dust and debris
    H13 HEPA Filter
    • Medical-grade air purifying capability
    Enjoy A Deep & Thorough Clean
    Vacuum 40 is able to clean along the edges at zero distance with side brushes and high-precision sensors, and effortlessly pick up fine dust and debris with a 24 KPA suction motor. It comes with an anti-static and highly elastic roller brush that reaches deep into the carpet fibers without causing any damage to the carpet. The automated floor cleaner offers three vacuuming modes to cater to varying carpet cleaning needs — whether it’s a light, medium or deep clean, Vacuum 40 has got you covered.

    • Zero-distance edge cleaning
    • 24 KPA powerful suction
    • 3 Vacuuming modes (light/medium/deep)
    Spice Up Your Cleaning Routine
    Vacuum 40 is an ultimate multitasker. Not only does it keep floors spotless, but it also helps create an inviting environment that smells amazing — an innovative multi-purpose diffuser kit could be easily equipped onto the automated floor cleaner for purification, humidification or aroma diffusion. You will also experience the joy of breathing in purified air with the help of its medical-grade H13 HEPA filter that effectively captures harmful particles and allergens.

    • Multi-purpose diffuser kit
    • H13 HEPA filter
    Simplify Your Work Process
    Vacuum 40 will make cleaning much easier with little need for human interference. It perceives environmental changes, updates the map and reroutes itself in real time — you don’t need to stand by to save it from getting stuck. With the optional charging dock the robot can perform power charging by itself. It also offers remote access via Gausium mobile app that enables you to monitor and control your cleaning task from anywhere.

    • Smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting
    • Remote-control mobile app
    • Auto charging docking station

    Applicable Flooring Types


    Appliance Type
    Autonomous Cleaning Machine
    Action Radius (m)
    0.4 m
    Air Pressure Collision Sensor
    3D Depth Camera
    3D ToF Camera
    Anti-drop Sensor
    Dust Capacity (l)
    12 L
    VACUUM 40
    Max. Vacuum Pressure: 24 kPa
    Max. Cleaning Productivity: 1200 m^2/h
    Trash Tray: 2.5 L
    Max. Air Flow Volume: 2 m^3/min
    Min. Turn-around Width: 1100 mm
    Gradeability (Auto Cleaning): 4 °
    Gradeability (Auto Driving): 8 °
    Max. Movement Speed: 1 m/s
    Min. Distance from Wall: 0-20 mm
    Min. Passable Width: 870 mm
    Battery Current Capacity
    60 Ah
    Output Voltage
    DC 24 V
    Battery Average Run Time
    Cleaning Time:
  • Min 3hr
  • Max 18hr
  • Warranty
    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    12 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Warranty Term Notes
    24 months from the date of delivery to the Reseller, max. 30 months from the manufacture date. Warranty covers spare parts.
    Pieces in pack
    Packs in Box
    Package Type
    Pack Length (mm)
    950 mm
    Pack Width (mm)
    900 mm
    Pack Height (mm)
    1100 mm
    Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
    165 kg
    Pack Weight Netto (kg)
    120 kg
    Box Weight Brutto (kg)
    165 kg
    Maximum Output Power
    1000 W


    GAUSIUM Collaborative Robot Vacuum 40, compact design, soft and hard floor types
    132 999 PLN