DOBOT Collaborative Robot CR Series, Reach 900 mm, Payload 5kg, Safety Skin

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    • Industrial: Pick & Place Injection Molding, Assembly Gluing, Bagging & Palletizing Inspection, Screwing Soldering, Polishing & grinding
    • New-Retale: Barmen kiosk, Coffe barista, Ice Cream Maker, Beverage Maker, Liquor Maker, Catering Robot, Kitchen Robot
    • Compound Robot: Logistics Sorting, Pick & Place, Inspection
    • Scientific Research and Education: Intelligent Production Line, Scientific Research and Development, Discipline Construction, Education Platform

    CR5S Collaborative Robot Arm Designed to Provide Safety to Human
    Safe Human - Safe Robotic
    Environment with CR5S

    CR5S is a Key to Assure a Human-Robot Safe Collaboration. Designed with the DOBOT SafeSkin add-on, CR5S robotic arm is created to simplify the automation lines and provide a high level of safety to a human.

    Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology

    DOBOT exclusive technology ensures the safety of operations for human-robot interaction.


    Flexible cobots tackle medical challenges
    In one of the most notable areas, medical professionals are often prone to long working hours, high-insensitivity work tendencies, and a specific working environment. At the same time, deploying robots can solve these challenges. Medical robots are easy to use and adapt, expanding the scope of surgeons' professional skills.

    Precise & efficient DOBOT cobots
    DOBOT cobots can be used in tending machines, assembly of medical devices, or conveyors in the medical industry. Their accuracy enables the high quality of the application set.

    Wide robotic applications in healthcare
    Lightweight cobots can be transferred between multiple working areas, allowing a quick robot installation. They can undertake various tasks, including PCR testing, extracting liquid, or bone cutting.

    Medical Industry

    Semiconductor Industry

    Global scope of semiconductor industry
    Today, the semiconductor industry is one of the industries rapidly transforming automation. 46% of the production lines account for the global semiconductor industrial value chain. Therefore, it is the most valuable share that can also drive development throughout the industry.

    Optimizing logistics with cobots
    However, there is a need for implementing cobots to transform production rapidly. Collaborative robots make significant changes in manufacturing. They can optimize silicon wafer logistics at the semiconductor plants and ensure consistency of the circuit manufacturing process.

    High ROI in a long run
    Deploying compact robotic arms enables semiconductor manufacturers to increase their quality and gain a substantial market share in the long run.

    Rising demand for automation in metal and machining
    There is an increasing rise in metal and machining tasks in the manufacturing lines, so there is sufficient demand for its automation. The efficient way of automation in modern manufacturing is cobots' deployment. They work on more intricate work processes than most CNC machines.

    Application variety in metal and machining
    Collaborative robots provide versatility and an extensive working range, enabling deploying objects of different shapes or sizes. Robotic application scenarios in the metal and machining industry are focused on machining, sorting, loading and unloading, welding, cutting, and others.

    Benefits of cobots for manufacturers
    DOBOT collaborative robots can perform large and dangerous work fast without influencing the quality. Efficient performance while pursuing high repetitive tasks increases speed and keeps the large-scale manufacturing.

    Metal and Machining

    Automotive Manufacturing

    Rich industrial application set
    DOBOT cobots pave the way to a flexible automated future in the automotive industry. Car plants deploy industrial robots for rich application sets, including welding, assembly, screwdriving, painting, and others, inside and outside a car plant.

    Consistency of car production lines
    Car suppliers' primary goal is to keep production lines consistent without disruption. Hence, OEMs, Tier 1, and other automotive suppliers can benefit from flexible cobots to make the supply chain precise.

    Growing business productivity
    Cobots, working alongside operators, improve the efficiency of every business unit as they reduce warranty costs, bringing a competitive advantage to OEM suppliers and end-users.

    Innovations boost ROI
    DOBOT collaborative robots enable automotive manufacturers to innovate production lines, resulting in increased profitability.

    Reasons for food & beverage automation
    Today's step of the global food fundamental transformation is its automation with the help of collaborative robots. Cobots help innovate the food & beverage industry production. Consumer concerns about health, labor crisis and supply chain disruptions create a high need for automation in the food and beverage industry.

    DOBOT's role in global production
    Considering how fragile the global supply chain has become recently, DOBOT collaborative robots can protect SMEs and businesses from warehouse shortages, constant changes in consumer preferences, and ecosystem disruptions.

    Collaborative robots innovate food & beverage
    DOBOT robotic arms ensure the accurate manufacturing process in food and beverage automation. They increase the quality while maintaining the production speed. Our automated solutions help resolve the labor crisis and handle logistics breakdowns.

    Food & Beverage Industry

    Consumer Electronics

    Core features of consumer electronics industry
    Manufacturing in consumer electronics features large quantity production lines, frequent updates, and massive labor. Cobots outperform highly repetitive tasks in technology manufacturing, such as dispensing and labeling. A flexible CR series robotic arm helps consumer electronics reach high customer satisfaction and meet sales targets.

    Rapid deployment of robotic arms for lightweight production
    DOBOT collaborative robots fit the lightweight manufacturing, as they can handle small parts accurately. The electronics industry deploys robotic arms rapidly as they help businesses cut manufacturing costs and increase their output.

    Experienced DOBOT robotic arms maximize utility
    DOBOT provides diverse automation solutions in the electronics industry. Collaborative robots keep the quality and drive innovations at a fast speed to lower unit costs and maximize utility.


    Robot Type
    Cobot Arm
    Repeatability (±)
    0.02 mm
    Maximum Reach
    1096 mm
    Maximum Payload
    5 kg
    Protection Standarts
    Aluminum Alloy
    ABS Plastic
    Robot Operating System
    Working Radius
    900 mm
    Axis Movement
    Joint 1
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 2
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 3
    ±160 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 4
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 5
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 6
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Control Box
    Communication Types
    Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, Modbus
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    45 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    0 °C
    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    18 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Warranty Term Notes
    Warranty period starting from the date of sale to the End User
    Pack Length (mm)
    570 mm
    Pack Width (mm)
    570 mm
    Pack Height (mm)
    310 mm
    Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
    15.5 kg
    Pieces in pack
    Box Length (mm)
    610 mm
    Box Width (mm)
    910 mm
    Box Height (mm)
    450 mm
    Box Weight Brutto (kg)
    49 kg
    Packs in Box
    Pack Weight Netto (kg)
    12 kg
    Package Type
    Input/Output Ports
    End-Effector Interface
    Analog in: 2
    Digital out: 2

    Digital in: 2
    Digital out: 16
    Analog out: 2
    Analog in: 2
    Digital in: 16
    Cobot Arm
    Average Power: 150 W
    Input Voltage: DC 48 V
    Dimensions & Weight
    Cobot Arm
    25 kg


    DOBOT Collaborative Robot CR Series, Reach 900 mm, Payload 5kg, Safety Skin
    105 999 PLN