DOBOT Collaborative Robot CR Series, Reach 620 mm, Payload 3kg, Safety Skin

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    • Industrial: Pick & Place Injection Molding, Assembly Gluing, Bagging & Palletizing Inspection, Screwing Soldering, Polishing & grinding
    • New-Retale: Barmen kiosk, Coffe barista, Ice Cream Maker, Beverage Maker, Liquor Maker, Catering Robot, Kitchen Robot
    • Compound Robot: Logistics Sorting, Pick & Place, Inspection
    • Scientific Research and Education: Intelligent Production Line, Scientific Research and Development, Discipline Construction, Education Platform

    Safety as a Key to Rapid Production Capacity
    Tailoring CR3S to Your Industrial Needs

    Equipped with the DOBOT SafeSkin unique technology, CR3S guarantees safety by providing collision detection feature. It rapidly spools up production, ensures consistency, and decreases labor costs.

    Innovative Pre-collision Sensing Technology

    DOBOT exclusive technology ensures the safety of operations for human-robot interaction.

    Name DOBOT SafeSkin (add-on feature)
    Perception type Proximity-tactile perception
    Perceivable objects Human body, metal, liquid, etc. (conductor, lesssensitive to non-conductor)
    Recommended installation location Forearm+J4+J5+J6
    Proximity perception distance 5~15 cm(may vary based on different parts of the robot)
    Approaching response cycle 10 ms
    Approaching emergency stop time 0.1 s


    Robot Type
    Cobot Arm
    Repeatability (±)
    0.02 mm
    Maximum Reach
    795 mm
    Maximum Payload
    3 kg
    Protection Standarts
    Aluminum Alloy
    ABS Plastic
    Robot Operating System
    Working Radius
    620 mm
    Axis Movement
    Joint 1
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 2
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 3
    ±155 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 4
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 5
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 6
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Control Box
    Communication Types
    Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, Modbus
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    45 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    0 °C
    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    18 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Warranty Term Notes
    Warranty period starting from the date of sale to the End User
    Pack Length (mm)
    570 mm
    Pack Width (mm)
    570 mm
    Pack Height (mm)
    310 mm
    Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
    15.5 kg
    Pieces in pack
    Box Length (mm)
    470 mm
    Box Width (mm)
    620 mm
    Box Height (mm)
    390 mm
    Box Weight Brutto (kg)
    24 kg
    Packs in Box
    Pack Weight Netto (kg)
    12 kg
    Package Type
    Input/Output Ports
    End-Effector Interface
    Analog in: 2
    Digital out: 2

    Digital in: 2
    Digital out: 16
    Analog out: 2
    Analog in: 2
    Digital in: 16
    Cobot Arm
    Average Power: 120 W
    Input Voltage: DC 48 V
    Dimensions & Weight
    Cobot Arm
    16.5 kg


    DOBOT Collaborative Robot CR Series, Reach 620 mm, Payload 3kg, Safety Skin
    99 999 PLN