DOBOT Collaborative Robot CR Series, Reach 1000 mm, Payload 16kg

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    The DOBOT CR16 is specifically engineered for handling heavy loads. With its remarkable reach and substantial payload capacity, the DOBOT CR16 presents a cost-effective and user-friendly collaborative option suitable for various industrial, research, and educational applications. This model guarantees a quick installation process, a straightforward programming interface, and an extended operational lifespan.

    Reliable and Smart Cobot Optimizes Automation
    CR16 Series Cobot Improves Product Quality

    The CR16 6-axis feature ensures its flexibility. Multiple application sets, various robotic accessories, and a 5 kg payload make it reliable and safe. Equipped with interactive programming, the DOBOT CR16 series is convenient and easy to master. Diverse programming modes open extra opportunities in industrial automation.

    Pre-collision Sensing Technology
    Dobot’s exclusive technology for safer operations.
    Dobot’s exclusive technology for safer operations.

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    Easy to Learn.
    Fast to Deploy.
    Plug and play design allows a quick deployment using different accessories from our ecosystem. Program with graphical interface, scripting using smartphones, tablets and computers, or program directly with drag-to-teach. Complete installation in 20 minutes. Up and running in an hour.
    Safe for Efficient
    The CR Series has 22 safety features built-in and is ISO 13849 and TS15066 certified. Equipped with sensors offering 5 adjustable levels of collision detection, it can adapt to a variety of application scenarios. The optional SafeSkin senses unexpected objects that come within 15 cm, actively enhances the safety and efficiency of the robot.
    Infused with
    AI Technology.
    All-perceptive AI control technology combines vision, force, voice controls into one. Trajectory tracking and portable learning algorithm make imitating human hand motions possible.
    Advanced Algorithm for Higher Performance.
    Industry-leading DH parameter compensation technology achieves ±0.02 mm repeatability. Vibration suppression and True Motion algorithms guarantee precision and stability during complex movements.
    Open Ecosystem for Scalability.
    Various plug-and-play grippers, cameras, and sensors can be connected to multiple IO and communication interfaces on the robot. Secondary development is supported on 20+ development platforms. Task-specific software packages cover loading and unloading, assembly, screwdriving, polishing and other 50+ tasks that can be used across 8 major industries.

    Application Scenarios

    Thanks to its versatility, CR16 can perform a variety of tasks, such as assembly, loading and unloading, palletizing, and screwdriving. This cobot can be easily adapted to the required conditions.


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    • Control software for CR collaborative robot series​
    • Support users for secondary exploitation​
    • Available in iOS and Android


    • Provides kinematics algorithm of various mechanical structures and integrated virtual simulation environment
    • Support users for secondary exploitation​
    • Available in Windows


    Robot Type
    Cobot Arm
    Repeatability (±)
    0.03 mm
    Maximum Reach
    1223 mm
    Maximum Payload
    16 kg
    Protection Standarts
    Aluminum Alloy
    ABS Plastic
    Robot Operating System
    Working Radius
    1000 mm
    Axis Movement
    Joint 1
    ±360 °, 120 °/s
    Joint 2
    ±360 °, 120 °/s
    Joint 3
    ±160 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 4
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 5
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Joint 6
    ±360 °, 180 °/s
    Control Box
    Communication Types
    Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, Modbus
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    45 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    0 °C
    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    18 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Warranty Term Notes
    Warranty period starts from the date of sale to the End-User. The warranty also covers the replacement of defective parts.
    Pack Length (mm)
    570 mm
    Pack Width (mm)
    570 mm
    Pack Height (mm)
    310 mm
    Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
    15.5 kg
    Pieces in pack
    Box Length (mm)
    610 mm
    Box Width (mm)
    920 mm
    Box Height (mm)
    400 mm
    Box Weight Brutto (kg)
    49 kg
    Packs in Box
    Pack Weight Netto (kg)
    12 kg
    Package Type
    Input/Output Ports
    End-Effector Interface
    Analog in: 2

    Digital out: 2
    Digital in: 2
    Analog out: 2
    Digital in: 16
    Digital out: 16
    Analog in: 2
    Cobot Arm

    Average Power: 350 W
    Input Voltage: DC 48 V
    Dimensions & Weight
    Cobot Arm
    40 kg


    DOBOT Collaborative Robot CR Series, Reach 1000 mm, Payload 16kg
    132 999 PLN