AUBO Collaborative Robot i-series, Reach 886,5 mm, Payload 5kg

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    AUBO i5 is a highly versatile collaborative robot suitable for a range of pick-and-place and machine tending duties, thanks to its 886 mm reach and 5 kg payload capacity. With a top speed of 2.8 m/s, a repeatability of 0.05 mm, and a compact design, it offers excellent flexibility as a robotic coworker.

    AUBO-i5 Collaborative Robot

    Payload - 5kg

    Weight - 24kg

    Repeatability - ±0.05mm

    Reach - 886.5mm

    AUBO i series collaborative robots have payload capacities of 3 to 20KG. They can cover different applications in each industry and quickly adapt to the needs of application scenarios in various industries by means of abundant configuration options. They are ideal choices for improving the production efficiency and implementing the low-cost operation.



    The products have passed the certification of EN ISO 13849-1:2015(PL-d, CAT 3), CE, UL, KCs, SEMI S2, etc., all core parts are localized, and level-10 collision detection and sensor safety testing are supported, so no safety protection is required.


    More Open

    The open system platform supports multiple communication methods: SDK and API, and can establish communication with multiple peripheral equipment such as end-of-arm tooling,vision and mobile robots.

    More Precise

    With repeatability of ±0.05mm, high-precision work can be completed continuously for a long time, thus greatly enhancing the production yield



    Robots can be operated by many methods including dragging teaching, coordinate positioning, path planning and offline programming. The visual interface is simple and easy to learn.


    The whole series products with payload capacity of 3 to 20KG, which can cover different applications in each industry and have a wide range of applications.


    Recommended Industries for AUBO i-series

    AUBO collaborative robots can make everything automated and flexible

    Industrial Field

    • Pick and Place
    • Assembly
    • Bagging & Palletizing
    • Screwing
    • Polishing & grinding
    • Injection Molding
    • Gluing
    • Inspection
    • Soldering

    New Retail

    • Ice Cream Maker
    • Beverage Maker
    • Liquor Maker
    • Smart restaurant
    • Kitchen Robot


    • Massage Robot
    • Auxiliary Puncture
    • Scanning
    • Moxibustion

    Mobile Robot

    • Logistics Sorting
    • Pick & Place
    • Inspection
    • Patrol Robot

    Educational Research

    • Intelligent Production Line
    • Scientific Research and Development
    • Discipline Construction
    • Education Platform



    Intelligent Archives Management

    Spray Painting

    Bottle Packing

    Metal Processing

    Inspection of PCBA

    Vehicle Inspection

    Assembly of Power Meters

    Engine Cover Screwing


    Robot Type
    Robot Arm
    Degrees of Freedom
    Mounting Surface Diameter
    172 mm
    Repeatability (±)
    0.05 mm
    Linear Velocity
    ≤4.0 m/s
    Installation Orientation
    Any ceiling
    Maximum Reach
    886.5 mm
    Maximum Payload
    5 kg
    Protection Standarts
    Robot Operating System
    NO ROS
    Axis Movement
    Joint 1
    ±175 °, 220 °/s
    Joint 2
    ±175 °, 220 °/s
    Joint 3
    ±175 °, 220 °/s
    Joint 4
    ±175 °, 220 °/s
    Joint 5
    ±175 °, 230 °/s
    Joint 6
    ±175 °; ±360 °, 230 °/s
    Control Box
    Control Box Model Name
    Cable Connecting the Robot
    5m (customizable, up to 8m)
    Cable Connecting the Teaching Remote Control
    Programming Interfaces
    SDK (Support C/C++/C#/Lua/Python), Support ROS, API
    Communication Types
    Ethernet, Modbus-RTU, TCP
    Protection Standarts
    Input/Output Ports
    Control Box
    Digital in: 16(general) /16(safe)
    Digital out: 16(general) /16(safe)
    Analog in: 4
    Analog out: 4
    Tool End
    Digital in: 4
    Digital out: 4
    Analog in: 2
    Teaching Remote Controller
    Teaching Remote Controller Model Name
    Protection Standarts
    External Colour
    Orange/ Black
    Average Power: 400 W
    Peak Power: 2000 W
    Control Box
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240 V
    Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    50 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    0 °C
    Maximum Operating Humidity
    90 %
    Minimum Operating Humidity
    25 %
    Dimensions & Weight
    Robotic Arm
    24 kg
    Control Box
    380 x 350 x 265 mm, 15 kg
    Teaching Remote Controller
    355 x 235 x 54 mm, 1.57 kg
    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    24 month(s)
    Warranty Validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Warranty Term Notes
    Warranty period starts from the date of shipment to ASBIS. The warranty also covers spare parts.
    Pack Length (mm)
    470 mm
    Pack Width (mm)
    480 mm
    Pack Height (mm)
    410 mm
    Pack Weight Brutto (kg)
    20 kg
    Pieces in pack
    Box Length (mm)
    510 mm
    Box Width (mm)
    720 mm
    Box Height (mm)
    560 mm
    Box Weight Brutto (kg)
    35 kg
    Packs in Box
    Pack Weight Netto (kg)
    18 kg
    Package Type


    AUBO Collaborative Robot i-series, Reach 886,5 mm, Payload 5kg
    59 999 PLN